the News on the Doll

See link here to my recent free newspaper – initially available around Essex galleries/libraries/cafes and then nationally.

The free newspaper as artwork is useful as it is easily available, it bombards during its short lifetime but may also have life beyond – maybe it will end its life as a chip wrapper, a poster on a wall, kindling for a fire or to block out an empty shop window…as this newspaper is predominantly visual it may serve as an interesting antidote to the all pervasive free ‘Metro’ or even the ‘Evening Standard’  –  a contemplative moment for the commuter…

The image below appears on the front cover – it is made from carbon paper printed on to linen paper and presents multiple motifs current in my practice. Titled ‘Mirror’, it is my version of the Vanitas genre – ideas of immortality and beauty as decay…


This image is titled ‘Grande Vanitas’ and presents further motifs and appropriations that I return to again and again – images of the female form as idol from ancient to the modern.


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