About Look the Doll in the Eye

Look the Doll in the Eye is a new project funded by Essex Arts that explores women’s self-objectification through the motif of the doll/mannequin/marionette. This will include a printed newspaper of the same name, a series of workshops including a live drawing event at First Site ‘Doll Parts’ and a blog.


Girl: ‘I didn’t want to become a doll’

Doll: ‘I didn’t want to become human!’ (Rilke)

I have been researching perceptions of the uncanny through the transformative possibilities of my drawing the doll: No amount of love is going to animate the doll: no amount of effort is going to bring the drawing to life.

‘My imagination is inexhaustible in dealing with the doll, I am forced to assert myself against it’. (Rilke)

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